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August 2nd, 2015

Greetings, and welcome to the first batch of breaking news from Udoheim!

There has been a rather largish gap between the initial missive, and this electronic update, but now we should be chugging along on track! As you may know, Manda's stepfather has been fighting an intense battle with throat cancer, and it has been a wily beast indeed. With nothing but his spry wit and debonair joie-de-vivre, he may have been overwhelmed, but as luck would have it, he also came prepared with an Alice! As everyone knows, Alice is an extremely formidable opponent in any sort of health crisis. There does appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel, and we have all crossed our fingers that it is not the oncoming train.

What this means for all of you, cherished members of the Udoheim fanclub, is that we now have the ability to plan for a celebration of our nuptials! Right now, the notion is to have the potluck at our home, as we promised you, on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, September 6th. A bit later than we had hoped, but time is a tricksy beast, and we haven't quite got it to heed our bidding.

We are busily devising a plot to structure the festivities, and so, all you, our devoted Udoheimers (Udoheimites? Udoheimians?) will know just as soon as further plans materialize! Thanks so much for all your patience and support during the topsy-turvy, backwards sort of start to our marriage!

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